Short Sales aren’t short, but we make them easy.

What are Preforeclosure Properties?

Pre-foreclosure is a property in the process of foreclosure but is still legally owned by the owner. It may or may not be a short sale. A short sale is when an owner is selling a home worth less than the mortgage owed on the home. Lenders may agree to take a short on the mortgage to release it for sale.

Search For Preforeclosure Properties

Both beginning real estate investors and “old pros” are searching for the best values in properties that are facing foreclosure, so the competition is fierce. Wasting time with postings and lists that are often out-of-date when they are printed may be costing you money!

We have experience with over 45 different lenders and process around 100 short sales every month. With numbers like those, we’ve seen just about every scenario possible; we’d be happy to take a look at yours.

Notice of Default

Our preforeclosure listings will connect you with homeowners that are currently 30, 60, or 90 days late on their mortgage. These can be great leads for loan modification or short sales.  

Generally borrowers at the notice of default stage, also known as NOD, have just missed their second or third mortgage payment, and may be be trying to figure out how to save their home. It is an excellent time to make contact with them by direct mail or by phone