Georgia Pre Foreclosure Listings

Buying a home or rental property in Georgia?

Whether you are looking for a home to live in, rent or flip, there is no better place to look than Georgia. This state has it all. Big city nightlife or quiet country charm, waterfalls and beautiful mountains for hiking, rivers and streams for fishing and beautiful beaches and islands.

Sound too beautiful to afford?

It’s not. With a little help from us, we can help you find your dream property for 50% of its market value.

Real Estate is hitting All-Time Highs, am I too late to buy?

Although the median price of existing homes is hitting all-time highs and is likely to keep rising, there are still deals out there to be had, and the time to buy is NOW.

Unfortunately, even in a booming economy there are still those who find themselves in financially stressful situations. Job loss, divorce or death leads to loss of income, missed house payments and the bank swooping in to take away their homes.

Georgia has the 15th highest foreclosure rate in the nation with over 12 percent of homeowners at risk of losing their homes RIGHT NOW.

Purchasing properties in the Pre Foreclosure process allows you to save the homeowner from the foreclosure process by purchasing their home before the bank begins the expensive foreclosure process. Not only can you purchase the property well below market price but you help the homeowner avoid bankruptcy, bad credit and the eviction process. Win-win.

How do I buy properties for a 50% discount?

Pre-foreclosures are a great way to find some real bargains, BUT finding these properties BEFORE the bank starts the expensive foreclosure process can be difficult.

Our amazing team here at Default Research Inc works hard with some powerful resources in the banking and real estate industry to simplify this process for you.

Check out our free trial today to obtain resources, marketing materials and listings. We work hard to gather up-to-date Notices of Default, Lis Pendens and Notices of Trustee Sales to give you access to properties before your competitors even know they are available.

We are so confident in our program that we allow you to try it FOR FREE and cancel with no charge if you aren’t satisfied.

Where is the best area to buy a pre-foreclosure in Georgia?

There are incredible real estate deals available in every corner of Georgia. The hardest part is deciding which benefits of the Peach State you want to take advantage of.

Big city living:

If it is big city living that you like, Atlanta is a great place to look. Not only are home values expected to increase by 5.4% in the next year but foreclosure filings and defaults are increasing dramatically, making Atlanta a prime spot for investors and home buyers.

Beach Towns:

Georgia boast 110 miles of beach front property, 15 barrier islands and some amazing beach living. If you know where to look, you can find amazing deals on properties close to the beach.

For example, historic Brunswick GA is 20 minutes from the beach and currently has a high rate of foreclosures which can yield some amazing deals for investors and is estimated by Zillow to increase by 4% in the next year.

Want to live on the beach?

Beach properties in Georgia have a very low foreclosure rate, but unfortunately, it does happen.

When homeowners can’t afford the mortgages on their beautiful beachfront properties, you can be the solution to their problem. Buy their property before they get foreclosed on and get a heck of a deal! Sign up for our free trial, be patient and have access to these once in a lifetime deals as soon as they become available.

Down-home southern living:

Need more charm, sweet tea and southern hospitality in your life?

Historic Savannah Georgia is an absolutely gorgeous city that attracts millions of visitors each year for its amazing architecture, nature, historical sites and of course, the magnificent oak trees. Zillow predicts a 3.8% increase in home value making this another great place to visit, live or invest.